About Us


As the name suggests, we provide all kinds of maintenance services for your car(s). Our Miyapur service centre is located on the Bolarum main road facing SMR Vinay City apartments and is less than a km from Miyapur X roads. Our services include regular car servicing, car washing, wheel alignment, body works (denting, painting etc) among others, which means we offer almost all services and our customers do not have to run around. This makes us the complete car care centre.

The brand EZDRIVE is the brain child of four childhood friends cum budding entrepreneurs. All four with diversified experience across service sectors like automobile maintenance, customer service, franchising and retail bring in their respective skills to the fore at EZDRIVE. The firm has major expansion plans to reach out to consumers across Hyderabad and then elsewhere. EZDRIVEís business policy of highest consideration for quality and reasonable pricing make it the ideal destination of all your car maintenance requirements.

In its current form, Car service industry can be divided into three segments, 1) Authorized Service Centers, 2) Local Garages and 3) Multi-brand Service Centers. The last one being still in early stages in India while in the west itís a well established segment. While EZDRIVE comes under this segment, it can be called the pioneer in the value segment of multi-brand service centers because all the existing ones charge the same high prices as authorized service centers. They are also few in number and hence, not accessible to most consumers. Local garages are easily accessible but they cannot match the quality due to poor infrastructure.† EZDRIVE eliminates these limitations by offering superior quality, reasonable pricing and accessibility. We are just one outlet currently but are opening more outlets across Hyderabad and plan to expand across the state. And who knows, we can be a national brand few years down the line.

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