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Because our car maintenance services are tailored to make customers happy in all the following aspects -



Tools & Equipment


Customer Service


EZDrive is a one-stop shop for all car maintenance needs. We are not like other car care centres, which only offer partial services. We not only provide regular services / repairs but also body & paint services, wheel alignment, balancing, new tires, cashless insurance claims, insurance renewals, car wash & other detailing services and more.


We also boast some unique features such as service warranty, soft-water washing (you may be aware that hard water is not an effective cleaner), wheel alignment / balancing cum tyre sales & changing (usually not offered at other service centers) among others.


PricingVery affordable.  We  offer  you significant savings compared to  car manufacturer service centres and other local service centres. You'll be astonished to know how you were being looted by them.


Quality: Affordability is not at the cost of Quality. We believe quality of service is the driving force behind any business, hence, we give it the utmost importance. Our service comes with 'Quality Assurance' program under which we assure you the service provided is superior and if you still face the same issue, it'll be our responsibility to rectify the same.


Equipment: Our service centre is equipped with world-class equipment. We have all the service equipment that you see in any renowned service centre. We've got mechanical lifts, testers, wireless wheel aligner, balancer, tyre changer, tool kits among others.


Standards: Our service centre is Castrol Pit-Stop certified, which means we adhere to world-class standards for automotive maintenance services. Our technicians are sourced from renowned service centres such as Toyota, Honda, Maruti, Tata etc. They undergo periodic training to stay up-to-date with service standards.


Customer Service: We treasure our customers and hence, strive towards providing complete customer satisfaction. We are easily accessible through phone / email and would be glad to help you. After all, there is no 'US', without 'YOU'.

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