Text Box: Body & Paint
Text Box: Regular Servicing
Text Box: Wheel Alignment
Text Box: Car Wash
Text Box: Repairs
Text Box: Your car is beautiful but sometimes unfortunate incidents can hurt itís beauty. They can cause dents on the body, loss of colour or both. That can be painful for car owners like you who treat their car as a prized possession. Donít worry, weíre here to bring back itís old look or even a better look. Just not that, we offer all body & paint shop services.
Text Box: Your car needs periodic upkeep to maintain itís running condition. We do just that and more. This service includes checkup and servicing of the core components of your vehicle to ensure your car is healthy.
Text Box: It is vital to align and balance the wheels of your car periodically as they tend to lose their symmetry after every 5000 kms. If this is not done, it can prove costly as the tyres get worn out quickly and mileage also gets impacted. We included this service especially keeping customers in mind so that you donít have to go to two places for this and regular servicing. You may be aware that local workshops do not offer this facility. You can also buy tyres from us and replace old ones instantly.
Text Box: Your car gets a better wash at our place. How? Apart from the hydrolic lift, which helps in cleaning the bottom areas of the car completely, we use foam solution. And not just that; we use soft  water for the wash, which means your car gets a glossy shine. As you know, all other workshops use bore water, which isnít effective for cleaning, moreover, it leaves stains. Also, not all workshops have hydrolic lift for washing.
Text Box: In spite of regular upkeep, your car sometimes breaks down. It can be as minor as a battery issue to a major one like engine seizure. Whatever it may be we are here to fix it through our skilled technicians who use latest equipment and tools.
Text Box: Insurance
Text Box: We not only help you claim insurance for your car service but also to renew your insurance by procuring the best offers available in the market.

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